Ideas for a better workplace with Megazine

Lifestyle Magazine for Employee Benefits and Worklife Productivity

Megazine was launched because we wanted to create a digital space to put out ideas that could lead to a better quality of life in the workplace. Whether it is a traditional office environment or a work-from-home arrangement, we aspire to bring ideas that may improve productivity and comfort levels for the everyday working adult.


“Mega” represents the big ideals that represent the very foundation we started out with – to improve the quality of life in
the workplace, from both an employer and employee perspective. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home”.


“Zine” represents how we wanted to deliver our content. Going through life as a working adult is hard enough as it is, and so we wanted to bring some fun into the mix. Rather than delivering a whole wall of text, we wanted to splash colours with images in our content to make it a fun and enjoyable visual experience for our audience.